Changing Times

21st August 2022

As the leaves begin to fall they signify the changing season, and you are aware of alterations in the air which require adapting and preparing for different weather.

Just as seasons have a different feel requiring adjustment to be made, the same can be said of the last few years which have bought many changes.  The years have been testing for everyone and forced adapting to new circumstances.

Many are regretting the loss of old certainties and ways of life. Others have embraced the dramatic alterations in their lives, enjoying the opportunity to change direction. For others it has caused a void.

When people have grown used to a consistent order of progression in their lives, the lack of certainty has left them floundering, feeling life is pointless and provides no future. In a society that has relied on constant stimulation, to look inwards to find motivation is hard.

Into this void a new light will dawn. It will come gently and slowly to stimulate the Awakening. This growth of the human spirit  is here to provoke Self Awareness and growth.

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