A Garden

23rd August 2022

In the garden many flowers grow.  They originally come from many different countries of the world, and where brought together and cultivated to bring joy and enhance the environment. Plants come in all shapes, colours and sizes, and grow together peacefully in great perfusion, creating beauty and peace.

If you can view the mixing of peoples brought together from different lands and cultures having as much variety as the garden flowers, you can regard that as a metaphor, that you were incarnated to take care of the garden of the world and through the mixing of people create great beauty.

For too long the view has been that people should remain separate and segregated to remain “pure,” which has limited the evolutionary potential.

You are now living in time of great change and there is an unstoppable mass movement of people all over the planet. There are those who bemoans that this mix is causing the break down of traditional cultures, unaware of the potential of enrichment of ideas and innovations.

This movement is now happening and cannot be stopped. The human race will  adept as new horizons are opening up. Do not fear the changes.

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