24th. August 2022

When going through a very difficult time in your life it would be helpful if you can take a moment to detach yourself to take an overview to see the bigger picture.

If it is true that you are a creator, ask yourself why you have manifest the situation. By standing back from the victimhood, look to see whether there is the potential for an inherent lesson.

Love of self enables the outflowing of compassion, to realise that the adversory is dealing with their own issues. This may totally disrupt your peace, even your security. Is it possible for you to realise that here is a major opportunity for growth in your own self awareness?

All challenges present opportunities to raise consciousness, and through that awareness you can find a solution that will eventually bring wellbeing.

Time and timing also come into play, so no matter how long it takes to reach conclusion, the result will always bring growth in self awareness.

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