Looking Forward

26th August 2022

During this time of change there will be challenges in everyone’s life. There will be events that seem unjust and overwhelming, and you will question why this is occuring.

Life on the planet was always intended to be testing and your soul elected to take on certain tasks. Matters you have to deal with may be the resulting consequences of choices in this life, or the unfinished business from a previous existence and which do not appear to have any relevance to today. Situations come “out of the blue” and you feel knocked sideways.

As the Awakening continues your soul seeks to complete all tasks and unfinished business so that there can be closure.

Whatever happens, maintain courage and good humour, and this will assist you through any trials. Remain calm to conserve clarity.

There are further disruptions and difficulties to come, and you have free choice to meet those things openly. If you shrink and cower you will prolong the experience.

As awareness grows the path will become easier, for you will be dealing with a more profound knowledge within your innate being, and with that, understand the issues involved. 

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