The New Normal

30th August 2022

With the changing seasons you have different physical needs. So it is with the spirit. You are living with new energies.

The shift in energies is bring a new environment where your Sense of Being is having to adjust in order to feel comfortable. It is difficult to explain, even to yourself, but you are feeling that change is happening and will continue to do so. Perhaps you hope it will go back to “normal”. But change is now the new normal.

These are challenging times on all fronts and the old certainties are no longer available to you. You are learning to cope with new ways, to try to find stability within the changes and adapt expectations of the future.

The patterns of your elders no longer apply, you cannot expect to follow a similar life course. The goals of your forbears have no value to you.

The new ways forward are just beginning, clearing away corrupt, worn out and out-moded ways . The journey will be slow but inevitable.

Do not fear this uncharted course. These are exciting times to be living in.

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One response to “The New Normal”

  1. The ‘finger point’ image is an echo of my post.


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