Breaking Through

3rd September 2022

Humans suffer from self-doubt, and lack of trust with the insights they receive, and this restricts the easy flow of information from your higher consciousness.

The time has come to remove those things that have held you back in your process of awakening, when fearing that you what you see/know/understand is not just wishful thinking, but true.

The barriers between cognisance of other dimensions are slowly dissolving, but trust in the reality of perception can only happen when the mind is relaxed and clear.

All excess emotion, with anger and fear being the greatest impediment, cause blindness to the greater picture of the magnificence of your true identity, which is, that your are the creator of everything you experience in order to develop higher consciousness in humans form.

Every experience had, leaves an imprint on the Akashic Field and feeds the Crystalline Grid of the planet. The greater the disturbance in life, the greater the opportunity to find solutions and a benign outcome.

All the while you are restricted by fear, anger and victimhood, you will continue to repeat cycles.

To remain centred in “the eye of the storm” is the way through.

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