Innate Knowledge

4th September 2022

Th Awakening is available to all who ask and are open to receiving and work with knowledge that is innate.

To know that you are a creator while in human form has been the object of all your experiences while living in matter on the planet. You have taken human form, and working with the energies of matter animated that substance to raise the vibration of consciousness.

Knowledge gained registers in the Akashic Field through the antenna of feeling.

Specifics of any situation do not usually register, but wisdom and knowledge remain.

The repetition of lessons are not to be seen as karmic retribution but as unfinished business, in order to have completion of an experience. The resultant wisdom and knowledge feeds the Crystalline Grid of the planet.

It is by this means that you work with Gaia towards the evolution into new form. The relationship is symbiotic.

All other creatures are also working to assist you in this endeavour, for All Is One.

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