6th September 2022

As time passes new understanding comes to you. This has been a long journey towards self-realisation taking you beyond the mundane to clear spiritual awareness.

The ability to regard an overview of the world with all its conflicts and disputes does not mean that you are immune to the effects. Discord and intolerance continue, and will do so until all are worn out by the unproductive nature of weapons, and are at last put down. How much more brutalisation will take place before the war-mongers finally seek an alternative solution to discord?

You are able to observe the microcosm in family discord reflecting the global stress, where intransigence solves nothing. If you carry too much pride and refuse to seek and dissipate ongoing problems in close family situations then healing will not happen and karma continues. Someone has to make the first move to be peace maker and confront the fear of rejection to find the light of resolution.

It is not possible to be attuned to everyone because there too many differences in human nature, but respectful detachment is all that is required and gentleness in approach so that old hurts are not repeated. The constant cycle of rejection resolves nothing and remains a festering wound which does not serve life.

To move towards the New Earth open up to new thinking and be creative with difficult relationships. Only you can do this by combining heart and head.

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