7th September 2022

In time all will come to the realisation that change is the only certainty you have, and you will have leaders who are prepared to step out of the norm and develop new systems.

To abandon old ways and thinking can bring fear, resistance and obstruction.

The Bringers of the Dawn are those who are prepared to work with new concepts and ideas. They are the ones who will assist in establishing the new paradigms.

You can no longer continue to perpetuate worn out systems and ideas that no have value with the new energies.

The young do not have the same expectations and values of their forbears. The world has become a smaller place and everywhere is accessible. With mass communications you know your neighbours and realise there is nothing to fear, for you recognise that the ultimate aspirations are shared by all.

Nothing can now be hidden and much has be revealed.

Thoughts and ideas have come which were inconceivable to previous generation, and the future is the domain of the young.

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