Who Are You?

8th September 2022

Who are you?

You are an eternal spirit and part of the great creative force of All That Is.

You have always been, and always will be, involved in working with the evolution of the Universe. You have existed since the beginning of “time”

While in human form you have sacrificed your divinity to play your part in elevating the crystalline vibrational field in the consciousness of the substance of matter.

In order to do this it was necessary to forfeit the knowledge of your true identity, and work your way through all the experiences that are possible in matter. Throughout many life-times you have been testing every scenario possible to gain the knowledge and wisdom which would elevate the vibrational crystalline grid of the planet. In so doing, you are affecting all that resides on Gaia/Earth.

This process is not new to this part of the Universe, but has happened many times before in other galaxys, and you were there too. Your spirit volunteered to do this work, to forget you true magnificent to undertake the trial and challenges of working with matter.

And all has been well done.

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