10th September 2022

Self awareness and self-love are hard things for humans to achieve. The willingness to accept and believe in criticism starts at a young age, and has been the prevailing pattern in most societies

Most overcome the debilitating effects of censure and criticism, but even those who exhibit arrogance in the extreme have the underlying lack of a sense of self-worth.

The human mind is here to overcome self-doubt and remember that the creative self is innate. The veil of forgetfulness of you divine essence is the lesson to be worked through as you learn to master the challenges in human form.

It is through quiet contemplation that the beauty of self is accessed. In that quietness the consciousness is able to grasp the bigger picture of existence.

Fear of the future is now dominating the concerns of mankind as the changes are coming at a rapid pace, with little time to process. It is a time to recognise what has true importance and seize the opportunity to create a new future.

It is time to recognise how adaptable you are and own your creative power. This is done once you trust in your vision and look forward to the possibilities of formulating a future that will suit the times and benefit everyone.

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