11th September 2022

To maintain a Sense of Balance, allow yourself a period of quiet every day.

Everyone has their own ways to do this, when you can disconnect from the distractions of daily living and allow your mind to be still.

Meditation has alway been a way to do this, but is not necessarily the only way to disconnect and find inner peace.

Just to sit down with a drink and relax can assist the disconnection for worrying concerns. Often, while engaged in repetitive activity the mind can drift into a timeless state and bring greater clarity to your thinking.

Life in human form is full of activity, noise and distractions, and there are those who think they have to fill every moment with something, often fearful of silence and stillness.

You are not required to be a human-doing, but to be a human-being. Remember this when you feel the pull of “shoulds and aughts” to fill every moment with activity.

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