12th September 2022

In the beginning was the Word…… and the World commenced the present cycle of creation with matter. Beings went out with the intent to create new worlds from the ashes of previous creations. There was a seeding, growth and development to reach a climax over aeons.

This present shift is happening in the development of the Plan. This is how the Universal pulse works throughout all time, repeating and changing.

Immeasurable time has passed and it is impossible to understand its immensity with the human mind, but ultimately, All is One.

Every fleck of dust has a part to play and is just as necessary as the most enormous happening or structure imaginable. Every thought, word and deed have an ongoing influence in the process of knowledge, and imprinted in the cystaline grid . Nothing is random, nothing irrelevant.

Some many find this concept an absurdity, that the tiniest thing has any importance, but who is to judge the consequences of anything? Creation continues and rolls on into infinity. The magnificence of the Universe is boundless, continually fluctuating and changing, bringing light and darkness, with continual growth.

Be mindful that all you do is relevant and important, so that with clarity of mind you live in peace, going with the flow.

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