Great Change

5th October 2022

This is a time of great change which will bring renewed hope into the hearts of many. The chaotic energies of change are often hard to cope with and require an inner peace and an inner trust to see the days through, to remain centred and at peace.

You are expecting changes but do not know what they will be. An infinite number of possibilities are there before you and the outcome of each depends on the choices you as individuals make. We ask you not to despair or rely on stories in the media. All is in order to create the changes that are required for the human race to move forward. In a little while you will ask yourselves why you were so concerned and so fearful of what is to come.

You are all co-creators in the Universe. Each one plays a fundamental and individual part that is unique, and your contribution to those changes is important. Even when you cannot see what your part is or the effects of your decisions, it will affect the future. There is higher consciousness at work. Do not doubt.

You are Divine, you are Eternal and Immortal. Do not get bogged down with outer manifestations but trust the inner knowing as you work from love and desire to bring peace. Love is all there is.

Hate manifests in destruction, but the phoenix always rises more glorious and more beautiful, and as co-creators trust in your own divine nature is required that you develop. Bring peace, bring love, and bring acceptance. Love one another.

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