7th October 2022

The thoughts of the Universe are received through a filter in a manner that is understood by the human brain, and the brain is limited to an extent by the development of thought.

Thought tends to rationalise information to fit within the sphere of present experience. It is only when the mind has expanded to work with the expanded consciousness of Spirit that clarity is perceived, otherwise the messages can be distorted.

This is what happens to those who express extremist idea. Rationality does not come into the picture they have, due to a fixation of ideas. Sense and reason do not work in discussion, and logic seems to reveal blindness, hypocrisy, self-delusion and anger.

These closes minds cannot receive the Cosmic information and this limits their life experiences.The proportion of people with closed minds is diminishing, but attitudes of separation go down through family circles and then take time, perhaps generations to disappear.

The world will be changing beyond recognition in the coming years, due to the movement of people and ideas, causing major disruption initially. The time has come for letting go of the old paradigms to form the New World Order where all will work together. Birth is always painful, but necessary, to produce new life.

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