9th October 2022

The World turns daily, and as it does you experience the difference of light and darkness. You can liken one turn of the World as an metaphor of a life-time.

Each day holds opportunities, many of which are repetitive and mundane, containing no excitement or variety, yet each day is unique. So it is with single life-times.

During the period of light there is much physical activity, but during the darkness is rest, consolidation and processing.

An incarnation can be seen to be similar to a single day on Earth. Your spirit is involved in infinity, and each life-time a tiny speck in the Universe experience. 

When life seems repetitious and mundane it shows you that learning is taking place in matters that need refining for the growth of the soul, and you are held in the discipline of “time”. Within the repetitions are subtle differences, so each day is a unique experience even if you do not recognise it.

This is how it is with each life-time. The lessons are learnt to produce a deep appreciation of your true self immersed in matter, ensuring nothing gets missed that can be used in the Awakening.

There are no shortcuts. Each being has work to do before all is accomplished, with similar life experiences in different scenarios and with different players for lessons to be learnt, but all will assist the raising of the consciousness of the planet.

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