The Plan

12th October 2022

When will you be able to feel with certainty that you are aligned with the new incoming energies? Expectation serves no purpose. The changes will be subtle because a rapid integration would be a shock to the system.

Seeing pictures in your mind more sharply do give a clue, as does an increase in sensitivity when thinking about a problem, or situation which requires greater clarity for your answer. This is due to the growing alignment of the spiritual realm. A greater knowledge and awareness will be yours with less fear about the future.

There is a lot of fear at present which accounts for the irrationality of decisions being made. In calmness, there is no fear, but trust that all is well and in accordance with The Plan.

Mankind has come to the end of one phase and is making ready to start a new paradigm. The shift in energies is causing the disruptions seen around the world, creating irrational behaviour in those who are not coping with the increases in energetic frequency. They have a desperate need to hold onto the old ways and are causing fear with those unwilling to face the changes that are to come.

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