13th October 2022

The seeding of mankind was divided into different ethnic groups for the potential of different cultural development. These included consciousness, comprehension of the physical world and philosophical potential, and were kept separate to develop their uniqueness by the limitation of travel.

Now the World has become a smaller place and due to the technological advances and aspiration. This separation of people can on longer continue for the need for expansion on all levels has become pressing.

Easy access around the globe as well and mass communication is causing the break down of separate cultural and ethnic units into a planetary amalgamation of people.

This progression cannot be stopped or limited by the resistance by those who wish to hold to the past. Eventually the whole will recognises the oneness of all. 

Just as the evolution of the human race has taken aeons, the same is true for future development. During this time of great change there will be many factions pulling in all directions, and the peace all seek will only come about when a common consensus develops.

It will take time to create a planetary mind-set.

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