Keep Going

14th October 2022

If you are continually worried and concentrating on your suffering, you are dwelling in negative energy. Try to acknowledge those things that are good in your life. 

Try  not to stress yourself over those things you think you lack, find difficult, or are not pleasurable.

Your society has encouraged you to seek instant satisfaction and not see deeply into the lessons of all difficult experiences.

Menial, repetitive and boring tasks can give great satisfaction if you allow, and it is often through the commitment to those duties that ensure the smooth running of society. Through the performance of repetitive tasks talents can be refined and bring inner peace with the satisfaction of jobs well done.

How can you expect instant satisfaction from things that are transient? Nothing is valued if not worked for, and the time taken is part of the process.

Keep in mind that you have eternity available, and rewards delayed can be all the more joyful.

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