17th October 2022.

In about nine months there will be an eruption that will be felt on a global scale. The effects will not be localised and there will be major changes over large areas in the southern parts of the world. This will produce a migration from those seeking sanctuary.

While the world economics will be affected it will be able to withstand the changes coming.

Parts of the European continent will be carrying a great responsibility from the south and the Asian people will look to themselves to provide solutions to those who come.

This disruption will bring about a rethinking of priorities in attitudes to segregation and dominance.

This shake-up will lay the foundations of a new society where adjusting and accepting new ideas will take you forward.

Assistance will come in unexpected ways and a recognition of gallactic fellowship will support.

Through goodwill and cooperation, ways will be obvious to create stability and even-handedness.

These words are not to create fear, but to prepare you to learn to trust you inner truth and intuition so that you receive the guidance you need.

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