Shocks and Upsets

20th October 2022

During your life you will experience many upsets, shocks, pains, injustices and major hurts that will test your trust in yourself. Learning self-belief is the journey to enlightenment. The individual who requires instruction from others during those testing times is still open to the distortion and manipulation from others.

Those who have mastered the lessons of life encompassed in matter, have the awareness to see the reality behind the transitory illusions of each day. Testing comes in many forms and guises, from physical challenges to the emotional and mental transgression in personal relationships.

Everyone you meet is on their own individual path and your lives interweave throughout the process. In knowing and trusting yourself and your own higher awareness, you are less likely to be deceived by the interplay of energies and impressions you receive, seeing clearly a way through with eyes wide open.

There are times when you will flounder feeling knocked off-balance by the unexpected. These occasions will cause self-doubt and fear. In such times, find stillness and patience to see your way through the challenges, where you will come to the self knowledge that is the gift of the experience.

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