21st October 2022

Behind every alarming piece of news there are lessons to be learnt. These things serve as a wake-up call to pay attention. Without invoking a reaction, little would change and progress would not happen.

You may think that news of destruction and loss are cruel and pointless, rendering a sense of helplessness, but attention is called and there is often pressure to response with a call for action. Assessments are made to the relevance and purpose served in confronting the situation.

When there is massive loss of life and habitat, the world takes notice. The option is presented to question the appropriate response. There are times when your only reaction can be to observe with compassion, but when you are given an opportunity to take action, you are then presented with choices regarding involvement.

The Earthly Life was never intended to be easy. It is a school where you learn through the testing circumstances you are confronted with. The potential of personal growth comes through the developing awareness of your own inner thoughts when your strengths are revealed.

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