Swelling Energies

29th October 2022.

A time of prophesy has arrived and changes are happening. From now on, things will change exponentially.

It is time for the human race to work with the energies available to create the world they wish to see and cease resisting out of fear, and “grasp the metal” of their potential.

Many fears are unfounded for they come from phantoms in the mind, and the media with its negative bias. The constant violence seen on screens reinforces the belief that this is a dangerous world and it is best to keep your head down.

These are indeed challenging times which are providing you with opportunities to rise to the occasion with your own creative intent, or remain controlled by others who have agendas that are not motivated for the common good.

The time for courage has come, to stand tall and be counted, proud in yourself and your beliefs. It is time to be honest and true to yourself.

You may find that by owning your truth, that power is there for the easy construction of a future that aligns with your vision.

Things are happening very quickly and this is a “tide to be taken at the flood”. Anything that comes without effort will never be valued.

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