31st October 2022

Over time many different experience are faced simultaneously, so that multiple examples are presented of problems and challenges to be overcome.

The lessons of Earthly incarnation all involve physical and emotional themes which can be extended in many different directions, and according to the choices and decisions made, will lead to the next to be confronted. 

Nothing is foretold, but indications of potential are always present. Your astrology will indicate your probable responses. If the mind and reason are not engaged as control, and without effort and clear-sightedness coming from a clear mind, reactions tend to be predictable.

The mind is your control, and if your mind retains a centre of peace there is greater clarity in all choices made. Without that clarity there is the tendency to make tasks harder and prolonged.

Throughout your life you will recognise there are patterns, and remembrance of any previous experience can be a guide to later decisions. If you do not take advantage of the knowledge you have accrued, you are destined to repeat.

Life is a journey to wisdom and understanding and the expansion and growth of Universal Consciousness.

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