Spiritual Awareness

2nd November 2022

There is often the assumption that to be spiritual makes you different. In so doing you are forgetting that you are all spiritual, manifesting behind the mask of human form.

Spiritual awareness comes when the mind breaks through the illusions that the physical world presents; and when this happens a detachment occurs, that all challenges come as tests to assist in the development of the character you are manifesting.

Your time spent on the planet will bring many opportunities to observe the interplay of energies that come with human relationships, as you come to terms in ways to be comfortable and harmonious.

The more conscious you become, the spiritual nature becomes more dominant with a deeper understanding of the essence of experience.

Emotions that jar and upset come to awaken your creative side and push you to find solutions that will enhance the life experience. These emotions ask you to confront what has occurred. Once you are engaged, the mind come into play for you to make choices and decide on action.

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