Hard Times

4th November 2022

Hard times come in everyone’s life when you feel there are difficulties and injustices that come without let-up. In these times your resolve is tested through the apparent endlessness of the way ahead.

How you cope with these periods in your life will be demonstrated by the manner you confront the situation. However hard it appears to be, your character will show through, whether your are a fighter, or sink into apathy and self-pity. 

The road ahead will always confront you with multiple choices, and the periods of your life spent confronting all the difficult issues involved will give the opportunity to understand your own power and spirit; to do the best you can with the stillness of mind you develop. In so doing you will be inspired by your own inner resources.

Accept assistance when offered, but use your own innate knowledge with wisdom, and do not rely on rescue; for ultimately the trials are opportunities for growth, inner strength and a profound self awareness.

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