5th November 2022

Pride can come in many forms and can either enhance or undermine self-esteem.

When there is an inner appreciation of a job well done which does not need to be trumpeted, satisfaction is its own reward, for the evidence is obvious.

There is the pride from the innate focus of self-worth and integrity to know limits of compliance that can be acceptable.

There is the pride that comes from competitive activity where effort toward best performance has come from pushing yourself to the extreme of excellence that is within your particular capability. Not just the winner.

But pride can also have a debilitating effect, when through insecurity you cannot accept errors of judgement or allow an alternative view to be accepted. This can reveal weakness of character, and shows that pride is just a facade. An unwillingness to back down when your have recognised poor judgement is corrosive to the sense of self-worth, for your are not functioning from your truth. This can lead to a lack of courage and being available to be bullied.

The world will always challenge your commitment to your truth, personal pride and courage, when you are presented with extreme situations. Pressures are presented to manipulate, undermine and control, which will test your integrity and sense of self-worth. If you surcome, you are weakened. Sometimes the testing calls for ultimate sacrifices which can only stand when the inner nature is strong.

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