Self Worth

10th November 2022

There are times in life when you are aware that you have reacted with an error of judgement, which can be through words said, actions taken and responses to a situation. It can happen in a moment of indecision, lack of attention, a knee-jerk reaction, preconceived notions, and many other instances during daily life.

Generally a situation will make it apparent that poor judgement is evident, causing many further difficulties to be dealt with. Self-blame and self-pity do not help, nor does denial or seeking to blame others.

The action causes a scenario along the path of life that has to be dealt with. Taking responsibility for unpleasant or difficult outcomes become the tests which reveal self awareness, along with integrity, courage, honesty and an recognition of truth, and resolution will add to your feeling of self worth.

There is, in fact, a gift to be received from the experience.

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