11th November 2022

The Light which brightens the World is found in the loving hearts of all those who exude good will. The beneficence is manifest in the love that comes through the smile and raises a response covering everything it touches, lifting the spirit in both giver and recipient.

That smile is not only bestowed on fellow humans, but from the joy of a job well done, the pleasure in viewing an object of beauty, the warmth of the day, and anything else that fills you with delight.

A smile creates an energy for the betterment, benevolence and comfort in the surrounding material world, and can be carried throughout the day bringing Light to all it touches.

Nature gives freely of the beauty created, and bestows blessings whether observed or not. So it is when an inner contentment and peace of mind becomes the permanent state of being, expressed though the smile that is feely given from an inner joy which is catching, and that beneficence is received and felt.

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