Moving Forward

13th November 2022

There is a dimensional shift in process and the effects are beginning to show. There is an awakening to the folly of committing aggression and destruction mindlessly to satisfy the whims and ambitions of others.

From a larger perspective the mass movement away from fields of conflict is the stirring of populations which will have further implications to the cultural and ethnic differences throughout the world.

This movement cannot be reversed and eventually a new integrated population will evolve. The gifts bestowed from the diversity of the past will never be lost, but remain as the basis or foundation to the new civilisation that will evolve. You cannot hold the past and old ways in perpetuity.  Life is constant change or there will be atrophy.

The young are beginning to have their voices heard and their vision is different to that of past generations. Their priorities and values are not the same.

You are now beginning to see glimpses of the future, and with all things in the evolution of the human race, there will be sidesteps and divergences as different paths are tested, but the way forward will ultimately always be forward.

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