15th November 2022

As you move forward after the last few years of disruption, the way has been made clear for new beginnings. Despited so much that has alarmed and distress you through the recent past, now is a time for optimism.

 Much that has held you back is being cleared and you are moving to “a more even playing field” that is available if you are prepared to take up the opportunities and challenges that are coming.

The future is what you make it based on the aspirations and visions you have, taking on the responsibilities and control of your decisions and working with the new energies that are available. You are now in a better position to accomplish ambitions that previously appeared to be denied you.

Be bold with your aspirations for the future is yours to claim, you are no longer the recipient of the dominance and will of those who have had a stronger personality, or in position of hierarchy.

But be aware that taking on this control carries responsibilities, for the consequences when driven only by self-interest carry a karmic reaction which will come swiftly, should respect and kindness be missing.

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