18th November 2022

If you can maintain a core of inner peace, the connection with your higher chakras becomes more pronounced.

During meditation, while in that state of stillness there is an opening of the crown chakra that will make you more receptive and aware of information that was limited before. It will result in a clearer understanding of the Universal Forces that are involved in the creation of the human experience, and how you are playing your part while in physical form.

Intellectually you tell yourself that you are indeed part of “All That Is”, yet continue to feel separate and think that the ability to meld into the total spiritual experience probably come in the realm of wishful-thinking. 

It is in seeking to reach a consciousness to see through the “veil” that you are striving for. Doubt continues to hold you back, along with thoughts of inadequacy or unworthiness. These thoughts are the burden of the human experience and can play with the mind.

It is by maintaining an inner stillness while surrounded by noise, confusion and chaos, that you can break through in consciousness.

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