Spiritual Energy

19th November 2022

The dimensional differences of spirit work on different levels of vibration. You ask for the ability to feel a stronger and more tangible contact between us, feeling that you are attempting to catch on to smoke.

It is only with the certainty based on trust that the impressions and understanding received, that emboldens you to write the words that come into your mind.

Proof of the value is offered by the preciseness of phrasing when writing, using words you do not usually employ, about issues that you have not considered before.

The Mind of the Universe is connected to everyone, and as you raise your own vibrations through a calm and peaceful mode of living, access to a greater awareness becomes apparent.

There are different stages to be experienced while in human form.

Initially there is the physical growth with development of character and personality. Then come the learning and using innate knowledge combined with experience gained, to observe the interplay of the world around, seeking to make your presence felt and play your part. 

Finally there is the consolidation and integration of knowledge and the experience accrued, which is integrated throughout the incarnation and woven onto an amazing tapestry of colour and variety in the progress of the Human Race.

Throughout it all the spiritual connection working on all vibrational levels, functioning with the innate knowledge everyone has.

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