Trust in Self

23rd November 2022

All the while you seeks recognition and approval from others you are not mastering your own sense of self, for you are not trusting your inner being or recognising self-worth. Human life is an experience of opposites so there is a  tendency to indulge in comparisons and competition.

Stillness is needed to awaken the intrinsic awareness of self so that there is clarity of mind, when you will no longer seek the approval or confirmation of others.

You will then have belief in your own vision, understanding your own intent with the choices and actions you take with a realisation of the consequences of probable outcomes.

A maturity is required to follow your personal path which does not require the permission, approval or support of others, but courage in trusting your own judgement, even in the light of opposition.

Strength of character comes from inner stillness, for you are trusting your own intuitive judgement in the light of the facts before you.

There is no “right” or “wrong”, only experience.

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2 responses to “Trust in Self”

  1. That last sentence is absolutely true. But it is a hard one to swallow when so many get away with stuff. In the end, though, it doesn’t matter if we win or lose, but how we played the game.

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  2. Sublime wisdom much appreciated share love your blog and your thoughtfulness. Be well always 🙏


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