Universal Consciousness

29th November 2022

When you are still and totally in your centre, access to the whole Universe is available.

You have never been separated and are the essence of the Creator, though this awareness has been shielded during the period of incarnation. Through inner peace this veil clears.

Throughout many lives, the accumulation of  knowledge through experience merges into the Oneness of the Whole, and separation disappears.

Slowly with maturity, you become dispassionate regarding the mundane world with the realisation that all the efforts and dramas feed the collective consciousness of The One, recognising “All sound and fury, signifying nothing” from the perspective of the larger picture.

There is an infinite diversity of experience to be had throughout each  incarnation with all its illusions of separation, and everyone has the opportunity to explore their potential with the personality adopted for a period of “time”. Each path will lead to a resolution.

Some paths are life-enhancing, others are obstructive, difficult and challenging, taking the individual in directions to seek knowledge towards the greater good and Universal Consciousness.

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