Inner Calm

30th November 2022

When in a state of mental balance you have the ability to assess the information your receive with clarity. World news is speedily interconnected as never before and there can be an overload of impressions and concerns.

Common sense is called for with an ability to weigh up the information regarding the persecutive of the larger picture.

It is usual when working from an insular and highly personal view that selfish wants can govern your opinion; but there is such an abundance of news available that it is hard to know what to believe, so it can be easier to hold thoughts and opinions that are normally accepted in you society.

Change is coming and the shifting energies are shaking up old values and expectations. Fear of change bring fierce resistance when the future holds anxiety.

As the ground shakes it requires that your have inner trust. Realise that your own thoughts have an effect that can exacerbate or minimise the challenges that are coming. Your thoughts have power, and with the strength of inner peace you help stabilise the energies around to the benefit of all.

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