2nd December 2022

Consciousness can be raised through the concentration and clarity of the mind, when you discern how the mind jumps around involving itself in matters of small consequence. All the while there is little effort to focus on one thing at a time, the mind is jumbled and undisciplined.

There is a difference between the free flow of thought that is open to receive new possibilities, and the recycling of old worries with overthinking conversations and grievances.

When the mind is stilled with a simple focus it can become receptive. Concentration on a candle flame is often used to help discipline and control thinking, but there are many other ways.

When a singularity is reached, the consciousness is open to a greater freedom. Focus is the key.

Realising that there is a whole Universe open and available, is part of the growing awareness of your individual power. You are no longer controlled by the pettiness of mundane matters, able to deal  with all challenges with ease, and view the larger picture with the implications of your experiences.

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