3rd December 2022

Time passes and lives are lived. Each day will bring new tasks and challenges, and even if they’re repetitive and mundane you will do something differently, even if it is imperceptible.

Evolution and growth in consciousness works this way with apparently tiny steps, and it is only when you look back you see that a difference has occurred.

Trial and error is always the way before you, sorting out priorities and values…what works, what doesn’t. Many people regard life as a tread-wheel of repletion with nothing changing, but the momentum is seen from the spiritual perspective and there are no time imperatives or limits.

Youth and age have totally different views of life. One is urged forwards and the other in retrospection. Youth rushes, age sits and reflects. Regret is often about those things not done.

There is a rhythm to the expansion and retraction, breathing in and out until the completion of human life, when an assessment is made of the total experience once you leave this realm.

All is learning, all is expansion, all is growth of consciousness.

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