4th December 2022

The advantage of age is that you have been tried and tested. Throughout your life you have had many experiences and opportunities which have all contained options to learn.

When thinking back pictures come to mind, some sharper than others which give cause to ponder. Nothing you have ever done has been wasted, for everything you experienced has something to offer and potentially provided you with information when making further choices.

For the young, the life ahead is full of potential with ample chances to embrace that which draws them. When ways appear to be blocked choices will be made whether to overcome or change direction. Circumstances do have a way to knock you off balance and these can influence perspective.

The physical body is an amazing teacher for self awareness and will let you know when mistreated.

As you become more aware that you are indeed a Spiritual Being using the physical world as a tool of discovery, the more detached you are from the dramas around, recognising that everything happening is teaching you understanding and wisdom within the collective consciousness.

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