The Higher Self

7th December 2022

Your Higher Self works with the mind of the physical body and is that still small voice which can be heard through the senses. You hear through the knowing of right action, which can be attended to or ignored.

Learning to work with and paying attention to that inner knowing is integral to the development of human life as you engage the spiritual knowing through the psychical body.

The Higher Mind contains the accumulation of many lifetimes and guides your path to appropriate experiences to be examined and adjusted, to be perceived from different perspectives. This enhances the “knowing.” 

The treasure of knowledge gained is magnificent but can only be evaluated from the spiritual vantage, and often appear to be counter-intuitive to the essence of the learning. When things are at their darkest the greatest intuitions are to be had, which is why life may appear harsh, unjust, cruel and often stupid.

Peace and detachment combined with compassion, is the path for the spiritually aware.

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