9th December 2022.

All the while you have an intellectual expectation regarding communications across dimensions you will be blocked from understanding the flow. The mind tends to be analytical and wishes a clarity of form that does not exist in the spiritual world.

Separation occurs when you forget that your very essence is and always has been part of The Power of the Creator, having taken on physical form to raise the vibrational level of matter. Working through all the restrictions that the physical world of form presents, is how you integrate and merge into the oneness again.

Inter-dimensional communication needs matching vibration, and when there are no restrictions or upsets in your manner of being, information flows continually. The surest way to be receptive to higher dimensional  communication is to be uncluttered and at peace with yourself, for you are then open to all kind of impressions and insights.

It is through impressions that knowing with certainty comes and truth is revealed. This can happen unexpectedly with sudden flashes of insight in alignment with issues you may have been pondering. As you learn to trust these impressions and work with them you are clearing the way of evolution.

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