10th December 2022

There comes a time as you get older when you feel the need to withdraw from the hurly-burly of the life you once knew. For many it is inevitable as family and friends depart from the planet leaving a void in your emotional field. Others may withdraw for financial or health reasons.

During those later years the imperative or pull to have an active life slackens, and there is no longer an inclination to get involved with anything new. Some are forced into a life of inertia due to poor health with a sense of depression and lack of purpose……that the inevitable end is all that lies ahead.

This stillness that is upon you can be used as an opportunity for evaluation and making any adjustments, if you can, with concerns of the past. This work will be done whether in the physical world or not, as every life is for learning, assessing and evolving through certain preordained tasks and lessons.

Another function of stillness is channelling and stabilising the energies, so “he also serves who only stands and waits,” for you are a human-being, not a human-doing.

Be still and Know That I am God.

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