12th December 2022

Inter-dimensional communication works through impressions, and as realisation occurs the images are understood.

Once perception and belief that you are not separated from the higher vibrational state of being, you are open to a new philosophy.

If you can think that the overlay of vibrational levels, similar to skins of an onion, and as each level becomes harmonised there is easy communication through the layers, eventually to the core. Each layer has a different frequency of vibration and function. Once the harmonising happens, the sense of separation falls away.

As you learn to coordinate these levels, your power as an individual becomes more noticeable and your thoughts more powerful, for a focus has developed with how you regard the world.

Creation comes through focusing the imagination and vision that is innate within you, but without it you struggle though life. Without that inner harmony you continue to regard yourself as a pawn of circumstances.

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