13th December 2022

Another way to regard the human body is as a time piece. Everyone is interested in knowing the age of others.

Units of time pass while in the body and are registered with the aging process. There are opinions/judgements made of what is appropriate for each decade and there is a general conformity to these expectations. The anticipations and enthusiasms of youth are rarely found in the elderly, for the changes of the body will affect the ability to perform tasks. 

Through the division or units of time each decade brings, the awareness of bodily change is a guidance to the tasks to be confronted, for the body  progressively controls activity. There is time in every incarnation to complete the experiences you are to have, whether short or long, and each life will focus on specific issues.

The eternal spirit is timeless but it uses the aging process of human form as a regulator. One incarnation is never enough “time” for more than a tiny part of the potential available and it may take a series of lives to complete a learning.

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