14th December 2022

While living in the material world, shape, sight and sound predominates and spiritual awareness is hidden.

If you are able to become more dispassionate regarding the conflict and pettiness of human behaviour, you awaken to the wondrous beauty that is all around and realise that all the ugliness is man-made.

Through the limitations that your spirit embraced when entering the world of matter, forgetfulness results. Very young children retain some sense of wonder, but this tends to diminish with the passing years until cynicism takes over.

This is why poets, artists and other visionary are so necessary to the sanity of society, for they still retain knowledge of another reality and can remind you of beauty and beneficence, for they retain aspects of innocence and creativity.

All the while you buy into negative thinking when challenged, life is a burden just to be survived at all cost, without recognising that even in the darkest times beauty is to be found.

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