16th December 2022

Learning to be aware of inter-dimensional communication is not as hard as you might be thinking. While living in human form you may be of the opinion that you are cut off and separate. When meditating there may be a tendency to try to reach out with your mind as if seeking something you can regard as real/definite.

We have told you before that there is a constant connection with your spiritual nature, separation is impossible, but doubt clouds the mind and is dominated by the concerns of the material world. There may even be a fear that all the spiritual teachings are a delusion.

Once you are able to truly relax into an altered state of consciousness, you are open to the impressions that come. Expectations will always limit the access as the images of the material world cannot compare.

It is through allowing yourself to meld into another space that the clarity of understanding comes, for you are then receptive and at-one with your inner nature.

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