Heaven on Earth

19th December 2022

Do you believe that the reward for surviving a life on the planet is to reside in a state of Heavenly bliss, or that Heaven is somewhere beyond the Earthly realm?

When the Gift of Choice was given to the Human Race, it set up the major challenge to use wisely as your service to the Collective Consciousness of the Universe.

Daily you make choices to enrich your life experience. As you do this everyone else is doing the same, and the choices each makes affects everyone around for better or worse. This interplay of motives and intent has created an incredible network of conflicting energies which cause disruption and sabotage the flow, and the resulting frustrations lead to selfishness, anger, greed, completion, jealousy, cruelty and all those other feelings that make life Hell.

It is always easier to blame others for the mess or unhappiness, but as the awakening of consciousness of humanity progresses, a gentler and more cooperative state will come about. It will take many generations to draw the ultimate heavenly experience to the planet, but this will eventually be achieved.(in quiet, happy moments you may experience a little of this)

Through the interplay of passions produced by the human race an entire maze of confusing energies have to be confronted in order to establish Heaven on Earth, which is the ultimate mission of all who incarnate.

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