1st January 2023

The human mind thinks laterally and sequentially. As you reach towards a more profound understanding of your place in the scheme of things, the mind is able to expand to accept the reality of WHO YOU ARE in what is called creation.

The Spirit of each Being is immortal.  Since the beginning of “time” your essence have been playing its part in the process of creation, taking on many ways and forms in the accumulation of knowledge.

Just as the individual atoms of your body has a particular function in the performance of that physical form, so too can each spirit be likened to a single atom to the entire Universe. 

Human life is a manifestation of creation in the 3rd Dimensional Experience, and each being has a particular function in manipulating energies through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies it has.

The power of thought can be observed through the life you lives in what ever environment you inhabit, and what life you create for yourself. Through “successes and failure” learning takes place. The energies are very subtle, but your entire life is a manifestation of your creation.

Knowledge comes through the awakening consciousness, producing discernment and wisdom while dealing  with all the potentials and challenges the material world has to offer.

Enlightenment comes with the awakening of consciousness, and mastery brings clarity and simplicity.

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