30th December 2022

Through each life-time there is an ongoing theme with different periods of concentration. Many of these may be age related.

During each life there are certain tasks to be confronted, and depending on the accumulation of knowledge and wisdom, choices are made which will influence subsequent challenges and opportunities.

When you work with your intuition and retain the connection to your Higher Self the flow is relatively smooth. Even-so, shocks will come to awaken the consciousness and bring a greater focus of attention.

There will be times that you feel that you are having to confront issues that you do not have the capacity to deal with, or are in a situation that is too much for you to handle and will break you. The more profound the challenge, the greater the reward from learning your true potential, capacity and strength.

At these times it will be very hard, testing you physically, mentally, psychologically, and emotionally. Ultimately it will reveal aspect of your power that had not previously been explored.

But because these periods are separated into units time, you know that nothings last for ever, and this too will pass.

The lesson is to Know Yourself.

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