28th December 2022

No-one goes through life without receiving actions that have cause great pain. The physical pains may be more obvious, but the emotional and psychological pains can be just as deeply felt, leaving enduring scars.

To continue to carrying those hurts and pains as a means of describing you like “a badge of honour” must inevitably cease. To persist holding tightly to resentment and pain becomes a burden. How long will you do this to yourself. When is enough, enough?

Without the ability to work through and detach from old hurts and forgive the perpetrators, you are locked in a perpetual cycle.

It is important to learn through the pain and not hold onto bitterness for ever, or unfinished business will perpetuate, and you legitimise it to define you. The past is now history, it was experience to grow from. To hold old resentments and cut relationships means you are locked in old energies and are on a repeating cycle. You are not allowing change to happen.

Everyone seeks forgiveness and wishes to be accepted, “warts and all”. If there has been avoidance to heal old wounds, now is the time to find closure.

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